Petition: Stop Overfishing in Canada 
CA Source: thescubanews 9/18/2022
Petition: Stop Overfishing in Canada
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Demand that the Canadian Fisheries Minister stops overfishing

The Canadian government’s mismanagement of fisheries is leading to overfishing of wild fish populations – making it impossible to conserve and support the long-term health of the ocean.

To address this threat, Oceana Canada and Only One are teaming up on a mission to stop overfishing in Canada and encourage Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Joyce Murray, to make an abundant, healthy ocean a priority for coastal fishing communities, food security, and our planet.


Alberta fish farmer suing province over impacts of ‘failing to control’ whirling disease
em Source: msn 9/21/2022
Robert Allen feeds his remaining fish at his trout farm in Calgary. He is suing the province after his farm was quarantined for
Credit: Alex Cummings, Global News
His business dates back to 1961, but Alberta Trout Inc. (formally Allen's Trout Farm) hasn't hatched fish since 2013. That's when the Elbow River's floodwaters destroyed much of Allen's property and the ponds from which some 250,000 fish were sold every year.

Allen's property was quarantined by the province shortly after the flood, after the natural aquifer where he grows his fish was contaminated with whirling disease.

He's now suing the Alberta government, specifically the Ministry of Environment and Parks, suggesting it "failed to control" the spread of the disease, which had damaging effects on his fish stocks.

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·Scientists declare support for the banning of destructive industrial fishing methods
national geographic 9/12/2022


·Fishing company searching for lost net full of fish
kplctv 9/16/2022
A fishing company has released a statement after an abandoned net full of dead fish was seen floating in the waters off of Holly Beach.

·Native to the Indo-West Pacific, the puffer fish has been destroying local fish populations in the Mediterranean for almost two
efeedlink 9/18/2022


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