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Fishing on Lac Seul

Canada, ON, Goldpines
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Lac Seul is located on the former lake bed of Glacial Lake Agassiz. Owing to this previous lake, much of the bottom of Lac Seul is covered with thick deposits of lacustrine silts and varved clay of varying thickness. The water of Lac Seul is tea colored. In clear water Walleye only feed at dusk and dawn because of their light-sensitive eyes, but because of the tea color of Lac Seul, it provides excellent Walleye and Northern Pike angling opportunities throughout the day. The numerous islands on Lac Seul are considered regionally significant calving habitat for the rare boreal woodland caribou.
Elevation: 357 [m]
Source :Anenimus River
District:La Tuque
Mouth :Root River
Lac Seul
(C) Pickerel Arm Camp
Fish Species  
Herring, Lake  Perch, Yellow
Cisco, Shortjaw  Sauger
Pike, Northern  
Cisco, Nipigon  Bass, Smallmouth
Trout, Lake  Muskellunge
Whitefish, Lake  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Anenimus River50.7 -91.8  Source  
Atikwa Creek50.5 -91.8  Inflow  
Bee Lake50.2 -92.1  Linked  
Brigam Creek50.2 -91.9  Inflow  
Camp Nine Creek50.7 -93.1  Inflow  
Cramp Creek50.7 -93.0  Inflow  
Donch Creek50.6 -91.9  Inflow  
English River49.7 -92.9  Flow Throw  
Filter Creek50.7 -91.8  Inflow  
Glider Creek50.3 -92.9  Inflow  
Horse Creek50.5 -91.7  Inflow  
Japan Creek50.4 -91.9  Inflow  
Marsh Creek50.4 -92.3  Inflow  
Noel Love Lake50.5 -92.1  Linked  
Richardson Lake50.2 -92.1  Linked  
Root River50.7 -91.8  Mouth  
Spruce River50.4 -92.5  Inflow  
Thorsten Creek50.3 -91.7  Inflow  
Tramp Lake50.2 -91.8  Linked  
Turkey Creek50.6 -92.8  Inflow  
Wapesi River50.5 -92.2  Inflow  
Whitefish Lake50.2 -92.4  Linked  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Antenna Creek50.6 -92.0  Inflow  
Bannatyne Creek50.6 -92.9  Inflow  
Boat Creek50.4 -92.1  Inflow  
Brownbear Creek50.5 -93.1  Inflow  
Celt Creek50.7 -92.9  Inflow  
Deception Lake50.2 -91.8  Linked  
Eider Creek50.3 -91.9  Inflow  
Fills Lake50.2 -91.7  Linked  
Flash Creek50.5 -91.8  Inflow  
Hall Creek50.5 -92.2  Inflow  
Idaho Creek50.6 -91.7  Inflow  
Lip Creek50.3 -91.6  Inflow  
Maskara River50.6 -92.0  Inflow  
Rice Lake50.3 -92.3  Linked  
Root River50.7 -91.8  Inflow  
Route River50.1 -92.6  Inflow  
Stink Lake50.4 -93.0  Linked  
Track Creek50.5 -92.1  Inflow  
Tuktegweik River50.4 -92.2  Inflow  
Vermilion River50.5 -91.6  Inflow  
Wenasaga River50.9 -92.8  Inflow  
Winston Creek50.6 -91.9  Inflow  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Boat Lake50.4 -92.1  1 km  
Dagmar Creek50.6 -91.6  5 km  
Filter Lake50.7 -91.8  1 km  
Glider Lake50.3 -92.9  1 km  
Udly Lake50.5 -91.6  1 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
Base Lake50.4 -92.1  5 km  
Idaho Lake50.5 -91.7  1 km  
MacDuff Lake50.5 -91.7  1 km  
South Inlet50.3 -92.9  5 km  
Whitefish River50.1 -92.5  1 km  

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