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Fishing on Magpie River

Girard River
Canada, ON
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The river is named for the Canada jay (Perisoreus canadensis), which the English called "magpie". In the 19th century the local people pronounced in Magpointe. In 1870 Eugène-Étienne Taché's map showed the river as "R. Magpie or La Pie". In 1886 the surveyor Saint-Cyr called it Rivière à la Pie. It is nicknamed La Pie. According to the Abbé Victor-Alphonse Huard, it was also called Girard River after the three Girard brothers who settled in the area around 1849.
Source :Upper Magpie Lake
Mouth :Lake Superior
Magpie River
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Fish Species  
Pike, Northern  Whitefish, Lake
Salmon, Atlantic  Atlantic cod
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Arliss Lake48.0 -84.7  Linked  
Black Trout Creek48.1 -84.8  Inflow  
Catfish Creek48.1 -84.8  Inflow  
Elbow Lake48.4 -84.5  Linked  
Esnagi Lake48.6 -84.5  Flow Throw  
Eva Lake48.2 -84.7  Linked  
Green Lake48.3 -84.6  Linked  
Hobon Creek48.4 -84.5  Inflow  
Josephine Creek48.1 -84.7  Inflow  
Michipicoten River48.1 -84.5  Inflow  
Mosambik Lake48.7 -84.5  Flow Throw  
Peckerwood Creek48.5 -84.5  Inflow  
Sausage Lake48.4 -84.5  Flow Throw  
Upper Magpie Lake48.6 -84.6  Source  
Wejinabikun Lake48.7 -84.6  Flow Throw  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Bare Tent Lake48.4 -84.5  Linked  
Blueberry Lake48.1 -84.7  Linked  
Dead River47.9 -84.8  Inflow  
Emerald Lake48.2 -84.7  Linked  
Esnagi Lake48.6 -84.5  Inflow  
Evans Creek48.2 -84.7  Inflow  
Herman Creek48.3 -84.5  Inflow  
Irene Lake48.2 -84.6  Linked  
Lake Superior47.8 -89.3  Mouth  
Mink Lake48.0 -84.7  Linked  
North Wejinabikun Lake48.7 -84.6  Flow Throw  
Rogers Lake48.4 -84.5  Flow Throw  
Soderston Creek48.3 -84.7  Inflow  
Wawa Creek48.0 -84.8  Inflow  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Francis Lake48.0 -84.7  1 km  
Mall Lake48.2 -84.6  1 km  
Parks Lake48.1 -84.6  1 km  
Pike Lake48.1 -84.5  1 km  
Tedder River48.7 -85.0  1 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
Big Ben Lake48.3 -84.5  1 km  
Black Trout Lake48.1 -84.8  1 km  
Goldie Lake48.3 -84.8  5 km  
Lagarde Lake48.0 -84.8  1 km  
Trout Creek47.9 -84.8  1 km  
Last NewsDate | Source
A Canadian River Has Been Legally Declared A Person & It's A First For This Country25/02/2021   narcity   
Quebec’s Magpie River first in Canada to be granted personhood16/03/2021   esemag   
Last NewsDate | Source
Quebec river granted legal rights as part of global personhood movement28/02/2021   CBC News   
Quebec's Magpie River becomes first in Canada to be granted legal personhood24/02/2021   nationalobserver   

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