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Fishing on Missinaibi River

Canada, ON
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The river's name means "pictured waters" in the Cree language which is thought to refer to the pictographs found on rock faces along the river.

At Thunderhouse Falls, which is actually a chain of relatively small waterfalls connected by violent rapids, the river drops 40 metres, part of its descent from the Canadian Shield to the Hudson Bay Lowlands.
Source :Missinaibi Lake
Location:2 km SSW from Peterbell inside the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve
Mouth :Moose River
Missinaibi River
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Fish Species  
Walleye  Sucker, Robust redhorse
Sucker, White  Bass, Smallmouth
Trout, Brook  Sturgeon, Lake
Pike, Northern  Burbot
Whitefish, Lake  
Herring, Lake  Trout, Lake
Perch, Yellow  Sauger
Mooneye  Fallfish
Quillback  Sucker, Longnose
Trout, Rainbow  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Barker Creek49.5 -83.2  Inflow  
Brunswick River49.2 -83.4  Inflow  
Champlain Creek48.8 -83.3  Inflow  
Creek à Dallaire49.6 -83.3  Inflow  
Croasdell Creek48.6 -83.3  Inflow  
Fire River48.8 -83.7  Inflow  
Flying Post Creek48.5 -83.3  Inflow  
Greenhill River48.6 -83.6  Inflow  
Lac à Brouard49.6 -83.3  Linked  
Mattawishkwia River49.5 -83.8  Inflow  
McCuaig Creek50.6 -82.1  Inflow  
Moose River51.0 -80.9  Mouth  
Opasatika River49.4 -82.9  Inflow  
Rabbit River50.5 -82.6  Inflow  
Rock River49.4 -83.3  Inflow  
Sharp Rock Lake49.5 -83.4  Linked  
Six Mile Creek49.6 -83.4  Inflow  
Soweska River50.4 -82.6  Inflow  
Third Lake49.0 -83.3  Linked  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Black Feather Creek49.7 -83.3  Inflow  
Buchanan Creek49.2 -83.3  Inflow  
Coal River50.1 -83.1  Inflow  
Creek à Labonte49.6 -83.2  Inflow  
Ericson Creek48.8 -83.2  Inflow  
Five Mile Creek49.6 -83.2  Inflow  
Goldwin Creek49.9 -83.2  Inflow  
Hay River48.4 -83.4  Inflow  
Magladery Creek49.3 -83.3  Inflow  
Mattawitchewan River49.2 -83.8  Inflow  
Missinaibi Lake48.4 -82.6  Source  
Nottawa River48.5 -83.3  Inflow  
Pivabiska River50.2 -82.9  Inflow  
Renesig Creek50.0 -83.4  Inflow  
Shallow Lake49.7 -83.3  Linked  
Shetland Creek49.4 -83.6  Inflow  
South River50.5 -82.6  Inflow  
Staunton Creek49.5 -83.3  Inflow  
Waboose River50.3 -82.3  Inflow  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Bittern Lake48.5 -83.3  1 km  
Black Feather Rapids49.7 -83.3  5 km  
Busby Lake48.3 -83.4  5 km  
Lambert Creek49.5 -82.9  5 km  
Wrong Lake48.3 -83.4  5 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
Abbott Creek49.1 -83.3  5 km  
Bailey Creek49.2 -83.3  5 km  
Goldwin Lake49.9 -83.1  5 km  
Nebotik River48.7 -83.8  1 km  
Orkney Creek49.4 -83.5  5 km  

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