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Fishing on St. Lawrence River

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The Saint Lawrence River flows in a roughly north-easterly direction, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean and forming the primary drainage outflow of the Great Lakes Basin
Source :Lake Ontario
Location:United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
Mouth :Atlantic Ocean
Fish Species  
Pike, Northern  Walleye
Bass, Smallmouth  Perch, Yellow
Muskellunge  Bullhead, Yellow
Bass, Rock  Catfish, Channel
Bass, Largemouth  Eel, American
Gar, Longnose  Carp, Common
Crappie, Black  
Salmon, Atlantic  Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Bowfin  Drum, Freshwater
Goby, Round  Tench
Bass, Striped  Darter, Channel
Chub, Silver  Sucker, Lost River
Redhorse, River  Sturgeon, Lake
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Atlantic Ocean30.4 -81.4  Mouth  
Crique à Richmond50.3 -65.6  Inflow  
Flagg Creek44.9 -75.2  Inflow  
Johnstown Creek44.7 -75.5  Inflow  
Lake of the Isles44.3 -76.0  Inflow  
Ottawa River46.5 -74.9  Inflow  
Rivière au Bouleau50.6 -65.6  Inflow  
Rivière Brochu50.2 -66.4  Inflow  
Rivière Brochu Ouest50.1 -66.8  Inflow  
Rivière du Poste50.2 -66.4  Inflow  
Rivière du Sault Plat50.3 -65.4  Inflow  
Rivière Pigou50.3 -65.6  Inflow  
Rivière Tortue50.3 -65.4  Inflow  
Rivière à la Chaloupe50.3 -65.1  Inflow  
Rivière Delisle45.3 -74.4  Inflow  
Rivière Hall48.2 -65.3  Inflow  
Ruisseau aux Jambons50.0 -66.8  Inflow  
Ruisseau de la Pointe à la Perche50.3 -65.7  Inflow  
Ruisseau de l'Anse Verte50.3 -65.0  Inflow  
Ruisseau du Gros Poteau50.3 -65.5  Inflow  
Ruisseau Saint-Charles Est50.3 -65.8  Inflow  
Sawmill Creek44.8 -75.4  Inflow  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Beaver Meadow Creek44.4 -76.0  Inflow  
Drivers Creek44.8 -75.4  Inflow  
Gananoque River44.3 -76.2  Inflow  
Lake of the Isles44.3 -76.0  Flow Throw  
Lake Ontario43.7 -77.8  Source  
Petite rivière Sainte-Marguerite50.1 -66.6  Inflow  
Rivière au Foin50.3 -66.4  Inflow  
Rivière Brochu Est50.1 -66.7  Inflow  
Rivière du Port aux Quilles47.9 -69.8  Inflow  
Rivière du Sault Blanc50.3 -65.3  Inflow  
Rivière Moisie51.3 -66.3  Inflow  
Rivière Sheldrake50.3 -64.9  Inflow  
Rivière Vachon50.0 -67.0  Inflow  
Rivière Couture50.3 -64.9  Inflow  
Rivière des Îles de Mai49.9 -67.0  Inflow  
Ruisseau à Marcel50.3 -65.2  Inflow  
Ruisseau aux Rats Musqués50.4 -64.9  Inflow  
Ruisseau de l'Anse à la Baleine50.3 -65.7  Inflow  
Ruisseau du Cran Carré50.3 -65.9  Inflow  
Ruisseau Honey-Ellement50.3 -65.2  Inflow  
Ruisseau Saint-Charles Ouest50.3 -65.8  Inflow  
Westleys Creek45.2 -74.5  Inflow  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Lac Laferrière46.6 -74.9  1 km  
Rivière Brochu50.1 -66.7  1 km  
Rivière Chiskal50.6 -65.6  1 km  
St. Johns River29.2 -81.1  1 km  
Stocking Hill Creek44.3 -76.2  1 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
Gananoque Lake44.4 -76.1  1 km  
Jones Creek44.5 -75.9  1 km  
Lac Touzel50.3 -64.9  1 km  
Le Grand Ruisseau50.3 -65.2  1 km  
Ruisseau à François50.2 -66.4  5 km  
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