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Fishing on Lake Superior

Lac Supérieur
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Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world
Elevation: 183 [m]
Source :Black Sturgeon River
Mouth :St. Marys River
Fish Species  
Cisco, Deepwater  Salmon, Coho
Darter, Least  Bass, Smallmouth
Whitefish, Pygmy  Sucker, Longnose
Salmon, Chinook  Whitefish, Round
Trout, Lake  Sucker, White
Bass, Rock  Cisco, Shortnose
Smelt, Rainbow  Kiyi
Carp, Common  Pike, Northern
Whitefish, Lake  Herring, Lake
Walleye  Burbot
Perch, Yellow  Salmon, Pink
Bloater  Cisco, Shortjaw
Sucker, Robust redhorse  Sturgeon, Lake
Trout, Brown  Lamprey, Chestnut
Lamprey, American Brook  Lamprey, Sea
Gar, Longnose  Eel, American
Alewife  Goldfish
Shiner, Spotfin  Shiner, Sand
Dace, Western Blacknose  Splake
Pickerel, Grass  Killifish, Banded
Stickleback, Threespine  Stickleback, Ninespine
Sculpin, Spoonhead  Sculpin, Deepwater
Ruffe  Sauger
Goby, Round  Dace, Longnose
Chub, Hornyhead  Stonecat
Dace, Finescale  Bullhead, Yellow
Dace, Redside  
Lamprey, Silver  Madtom, Tadpole
Minnow, Brassy  Shiner, Blacknose
Shiner, Common  Muskellunge
Dace, Northern Redbelly  Dace, Pearl
Chub, Lake  Chub, Creek
Shiner, Golden  Crappie, Black
Bullhead, Brown  Trout, Brook
Arctic Grayling  Redfin Pickerel
Bass, White  Shiner, Spottail
Stickleback, Brook  Shiner, Mimic
Logperch  Catfish, Channel
Drum, Freshwater  Shad, Gizzard
Darter, Johnny  Trout-perch
Pumpkinseed Sunfish  Redhorse, Silver
Shiner, Emerald  Lamprey, Northern Brook
Sculpin, Slimy  Mudminnow, Central
Bass, Largemouth  Minnow, Bluntnose
Shiner, Blackchin  Bullhead, Black
Carpsucker, Highfin  Shiner, Rosyface
Shiner, Bigmouth  Darter, Banded
Darter, Iowa  Cisco, Ives Lake
Sunfish, Bluegill  Redhorse, Golden
Shiner, River  Warmouth
Stoneroller, Largescale  Minnow, Fathead
Sunfish, Green  Crappie, White
Shiner, Pugnose  Trout, Rainbow
Goby, Tubenose  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Agawa River47.6 -84.4  Inflow  
Alona Bay Creek47.2 -84.7  Inflow  
Baldhead River47.7 -84.8  Inflow  
Batchawana River47.0 -84.5  Inflow  
Black Sturgeon River48.9 -88.4  Source  
Blende River48.6 -88.8  Inflow  
Blind Creek48.8 -87.3  Inflow  
Brook River48.8 -88.0  Inflow  
Campbell Creek47.9 -85.6  Inflow  
Cascade River48.2 -85.9  Inflow  
Clay River47.4 -84.7  Inflow  
Coldwater Creek48.8 -88.6  Inflow  
Craddock Creek48.8 -86.5  Inflow  
Current River48.6 -89.1  Inflow  
Dead Horse Creek48.8 -86.7  Inflow  
Dobson's Creek47.1 -84.7  Inflow  
Dore River48.0 -85.0  Inflow  
Dublin Creek49.0 -87.9  Inflow  
Fire Hill Creek49.0 -88.1  Inflow  
Fort Creek47.9 -84.8  Inflow  
French River47.0 -91.9  Inflow  
Ghost River47.9 -85.4  Inflow  
Government Creek46.9 -84.3  Inflow  
Hare Creek48.8 -86.4  Inflow  
Havilland Creek46.8 -84.4  Inflow  
Holly Creek48.1 -86.0  Inflow  
Ishkibbible Creek48.5 -89.1  Inflow  
Jackpine River49.1 -87.9  Inflow  
Joe Creek48.5 -88.7  Inflow  
Julia River48.0 -85.8  Inflow  
Kelly Creek46.6 -84.4  Inflow  
Little Cypress River48.9 -87.8  Inflow  
Little Goulais River46.8 -84.5  Inflow  
Little Makwa River48.0 -85.0  Inflow  
Little Pine River48.0 -89.5  Inflow  
Mackenzie River48.6 -88.9  Inflow  
Makwa River48.0 -85.1  Inflow  
McKellar Creek48.8 -86.7  Inflow  
McVicar Creek48.4 -89.2  Inflow  
Mink Creek48.8 -86.5  Inflow  
Montreal River47.2 -84.6  Inflow  
Neebing River48.4 -89.3  Inflow  
Noisy River47.9 -84.9  Inflow  
North Swallow River48.2 -86.1  Inflow  
Old Woman River47.8 -84.9  Inflow  
Pancake River47.0 -84.7  Inflow  
Pic River49.1 -86.3  Inflow  
Pine River48.0 -89.5  Inflow  
Portage Creek48.5 -88.7  Inflow  
Prince Creek46.6 -84.6  Inflow  
Red Rock River47.7 -85.0  Inflow  
Saint Louis River47.1 -92.0  Inflow  
ST MARYS RIVER38.2 -76.5  Outflow  
St. Marys River46.1 -83.9  Mouth  
Stillwater Creek49.0 -88.3  Inflow  
White Gravel River48.3 -86.1  Inflow  
White Spruce River48.3 -86.1  Inflow  
Willow River48.5 -86.2  Inflow  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Aguasabon River49.0 -87.1  Inflow  
Angler Creek48.8 -86.4  Inflow  
Barrett River47.4 -84.6  Inflow  
Black Creek47.0 -84.7  Inflow  
Blackbird Creek48.8 -87.0  Inflow  
Blind Creek48.5 -89.0  Inflow  
Breckenbridge Creek47.0 -84.8  Inflow  
Buckshot Creek47.5 -84.9  Inflow  
Carp River47.1 -84.3  Inflow  
Chippewa River47.0 -84.3  Inflow  
Cloud River48.1 -89.5  Inflow  
Coldwater River44.7 -79.7  Inflow  
Cranberry Creek46.7 -84.4  Inflow  
Cypress River49.0 -87.8  Inflow  
Dead River48.9 -87.8  Inflow  
Dog River48.2 -85.2  Inflow  
Downey Creek46.9 -84.4  Inflow  
Eagle River47.9 -85.4  Inflow  
Floating Heart River48.0 -85.5  Inflow  
Frater Creek47.3 -84.6  Inflow  
Gargantua River47.6 -85.0  Inflow  
Goulais River47.0 -83.9  Inflow  
Gravel River49.1 -87.7  Inflow  
Harmony River46.8 -84.4  Inflow  
Hewitson River48.8 -87.4  Inflow  
Imogene River48.0 -85.9  Inflow  
Jackfish River49.0 -88.1  Inflow  
Jarvis River48.2 -89.4  Inflow  
Jones Creek46.9 -84.4  Inflow  
Kaministiquia River48.5 -89.4  Inflow  
Little Bear River48.0 -85.1  Inflow  
Little Ghost River47.9 -85.4  Inflow  
Little Gravel River49.0 -87.8  Inflow  
Little Pic River49.1 -86.6  Inflow  
Lomond River48.3 -89.3  Inflow  
Magpie River48.3 -84.7  Inflow  
McIntyre River48.4 -89.3  Inflow  
McKellar River48.4 -89.2  Inflow  
Mine Creek47.7 -85.0  Inflow  
Mission River48.4 -89.2  Inflow  
Mountain Ash River48.0 -85.1  Inflow  
Nipigon River49.2 -88.3  Inflow  
North Channel46.7 -84.4  Inflow  
North Trout Creek48.9 -88.3  Inflow  
Ozone Creek49.1 -88.0  Inflow  
Pays Plat River49.0 -87.6  Inflow  
Pigeon River48.1 -89.8  Inflow  
Pipe River48.0 -85.7  Inflow  
Prairie River48.9 -86.7  Inflow  
Pukaskwa River48.1 -85.8  Inflow  
Ruby Creek49.0 -88.2  Inflow  
Sand River47.4 -84.7  Inflow  
St. Louis River47.1 -92.0  Inflow  
Steel River48.8 -86.9  Inflow  
Sturgeon River49.7 -87.9  Inflow  
Swallow River48.2 -86.0  Inflow  
White River48.5 -85.7  Inflow  
Wild Goose Creek48.5 -89.1  Inflow  
Wolf River48.8 -88.5  Inflow  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Brook Lake48.8 -88.0  1 km  
Fire Hill Lake49.0 -88.1  1 km  
Lake Huron44.7 -83.2  1 km  
Lenore Lake48.0 -89.6  1 km  
McGregor Lake48.8 -88.0  1 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
East Fox Creek49.0 -87.6  1 km  
Joeboy Lake48.5 -88.7  1 km  
Mission Lake47.9 -84.8  1 km  
Rongie Lake48.8 -87.3  1 km  
South Old Woman River47.8 -84.9  1 km  
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