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Fishing on Lake Ontario

Lac Ontario
Canada, ON, Northumberland
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Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is surrounded on the north, west, and southwest by the Canadian province of Ontario, and on the south and east by the American state of New York, whose water boundaries meet in the middle of the lake.
Elevation: 74 [m]
Source :Lawrence River
Location:120 Clarence St
Mouth :Niagara River
Location:151-179 Prideaux St
Lake Ontario
(C) waterkeeper
Fish Species  
Dace, Longnose  Chub, Hornyhead
Herring, Lake  Stonecat
Walleye  Burbot
Perch, Yellow  Trout, Rainbow
Dace, Pearl  Minnow, Cutlip
Dace, Finescale  Chubsucker, Lake
Bloater  Sucker, Northern Hognose
Dace, Redside  Sucker, Robust redhorse
Madtom, Margined  Shiner, Pugnose
Shiner, Sand  Cisco, Blackfin
Bass, Striped  Redhorse, Greater
Minnow, Bluntnose  Sculpin, Mottled
Shiner, Blackchin  Darter, Eastern Sand
Darter, Channel  Darter, Fantail
Chub, Silver  Mooneye
Carp, Common  Shiner, Rosyface
Redhorse, Shorthead  Darter, Rainbow
Minnow, Mississippi Silvery  Shiner, Bigmouth
Darter, Iowa  Shiner, Striped
Dace, Western Blacknose  Sunfish, Bluegill
Pike, Northern  Whitefish, Lake
Salmon, Atlantic  Splake
Black Bullhead  Salmon, Coho
Madtom, Brindled  Fallfish
Shad, American  Lamprey, Small black brook
Bowfin  Herring, Blueback
Lamprey, Silver  Madtom, Tadpole
Shiner, Swallowtail  Minnow, Fathead
Shiner, Bridle  Minnow, Brassy
Pickerel, Chain  Darter, Least
Shiner, Blacknose  Sauger
Bass, Smallmouth  Whitefish, Pygmy
Stickleback, Threespine  Shiner, Common
Alewife  Muskellunge
Sculpin, Spoonhead  Sucker, Longnose
Gar, Longnose  Silverside, Brook
Pike, Blue  Darter, Johnny
Trout, Brown  Trout-perch
Crappie, White  Perch, Pirate
Salmon, Kokanee  Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Lamprey, Sea  
Bass, Rock  Redhorse, Silver
Cisco, Shortnose  Smelt, Rainbow
Shiner, Emerald  Minnow, Tonguetied
Lamprey, Northern Brook  Shiner, Satinfin
Shiner, Spotfin  Sculpin, Slimy
Mudminnow, Central  Kiyi
Bass, Largemouth  Dace, Redbelly Northern
Dace, Blacknose Western  Chub, Lake
Chub, Creek  Sunfish, Green
Shiner, Golden  Quillback
Crappie, Black  Darter, Tessellated
Sunfish, Longear  Bullhead, Brown
Chub, River  Trout, Brook
Chub, Bigeye  Salmon, Chinook
Bass, White  Shiner, Spottail
Stickleback, Brook  Perch, White
Chubsucker, Creek  Darter, Blackside
Whitefish, Round  Trout, Lake
Stoneroller, Central  Shiner, Mimic
Stickleback, Ninespine  Logperch
Pickerel, Grass  Darter, Greenside
Shiner, Redfin  Goldfish
Catfish, Channel  Sculpin, Fourhorn
Sucker, White  Drum, Freshwater
Shad, Gizzard  Eel, American
Lamprey, American Brook  Gar, Spotted
Carp, Grass  Minnow, Eastern Silvery
Rudd  Buffalo, Bigmouth
Redhorse, Golden  Salmon, Pink
Killifish, Banded  Sculpin, Deepwater
Goby, Round  Bullhead, Yellow
Dace, Northern Redbelly  Sunfish, Redbreast
Shiner, Comely  Redfin Pickerel
Sunfish, Orangespotted  Warmouth
Minnow, Pugnose  Chub, Gravel
Dace, Southern Redbelly  Sucker, Spotted
Chub, Streamline  Redhorse, Black
Bullhead, Black  Shiner, Silver
Darter, Spotted  Sunfish, Northern
Redhorse, River  Sturgeon, Lake
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Abbey Dawn Creek44.3 -76.4  Inflow  
Applewood Creek43.6 -79.5  Inflow  
Bartlett Creek43.2 -79.5  Inflow  
Birchwood Creek43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
Blessington Creek44.2 -77.3  Inflow  
Brand Creek43.9 -78.3  Inflow  
Cataraqui River44.2 -76.5  Inflow  
Clearview Creek43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
Collins Creek44.3 -76.6  Inflow  
Corbett Creek43.9 -78.9  Inflow  
Cressy Creek44.1 -76.9  Inflow  
Demorestville Creek44.1 -77.2  Inflow  
Duffins Creek43.8 -79.1  Inflow  
Eighteen Mile Creek43.1 -79.4  Inflow  
Falcon Creek43.3 -79.8  Inflow  
Fifty Creek43.2 -79.6  Inflow  
Gage Creek44.0 -78.3  Inflow  
Garrison Creek43.7 -79.4  Inflow  
Grindstone Creek43.3 -79.9  Inflow  
Hubbs Creek44.0 -77.4  Inflow  
Indian Creek43.3 -79.8  Inflow  
Jordan Harbour   Inflow  
Lakeside Creek43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
Lornewood Creek43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
McCraney Creek43.4 -79.7  Inflow  
Mimico Creek43.7 -79.6  Inflow  
Morrison Creek43.5 -79.7  Inflow  
Napanee River44.3 -76.9  Inflow  
North Creek43.1 -79.5  Inflow  
Petticoat Creek43.9 -79.2  Inflow  
Pringle Creek43.9 -78.9  Inflow  
Red River43.9 -79.3  Inflow  
Roseland Creek43.3 -79.8  Inflow  
Shelter Valley Brook44.0 -78.0  Inflow  
Shoreacres Creek43.4 -79.8  Inflow  
Smithfield Creek44.1 -77.7  Inflow  
Sucker Creek44.2 -77.1  Inflow  
Trent River44.2 -77.8  Inflow  
Twelve Mile Creek43.1 -79.3  Inflow  
West Branch Little Cataraqui Greek44.2 -76.6  Inflow  
Wilmont Creek   Inflow  
Wilton Creek44.2 -76.9  Inflow  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Appleby Creek43.4 -79.8  Inflow  
Avonhead Creek43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
Bellamy Ravine Creek43.7 -79.2  Inflow  
Black River42.4 -86.3  Inflow  
Bowmanville Creek43.9 -78.7  Inflow  
Bronte Creek43.4 -79.9  Inflow  
Cawthra Creek43.6 -79.6  Inflow  
Colborne Creek44.0 -77.9  Inflow  
Cooksville Creek43.6 -79.6  Inflow  
Credit River43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
Darlington Creek43.9 -78.7  Inflow  
Duck Creek44.1 -77.0  Inflow  
Eight Mile Creek43.2 -79.2  Inflow  
Etobicoke Creek43.7 -79.7  Inflow  
Farewell Creek43.9 -78.8  Inflow  
Forty Mile Creek43.2 -79.6  Inflow  
Ganaraska River44.0 -78.3  Inflow  
Graham Creek43.9 -78.5  Inflow  
Hayward Long Reach44.1 -77.1  Inflow  
Humber River43.8 -79.7  Inflow  
Jackson Creek44.3 -78.3  Inflow  
Joshua's Creek43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
Lawrence River58.4 -115.0  Source  
Mayhew Creek44.1 -77.6  Inflow  
Millhaven Creek44.3 -76.7  Inflow  
Moira River44.2 -77.4  Inflow  
Murray Canal44.0 -77.6  Outflow  
Niagara River43.1 -79.0  Mouth  
Outlet River43.9 -77.2  Inflow  
Port Granby Creek43.9 -78.5  Inflow  
Rambo Creek43.3 -79.8  Inflow  
Rideau Canal44.3 -76.5  Inflow  
Rouge River43.8 -79.1  Inflow  
Salmon River44.2 -77.2  Inflow  
Sheridan Creek43.5 -79.6  Inflow  
Sixteen Mile Creek43.5 -79.9  Inflow  
St. Lawrence River46.8 -70.5  Outflow  
Tooley Creek43.9 -78.8  Inflow  
Tuck Creek43.4 -79.8  Inflow  
Wedgewood Creek43.5 -79.7  Inflow  
West Side Creek43.9 -78.7  Inflow  
Wilmot Creek43.9 -78.6  Inflow  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Butternut Creek44.3 -76.5  1 km  
East Lake43.9 -77.2  1 km  
Lake of the Isles44.3 -76.0  1 km  
Le Grand Ruisseau46.8 -70.5  1 km  
Milne Creek43.9 -79.3  1 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
Black Creek43.9 -78.8  1 km  
Cranberry Lake44.4 -76.3  1 km  
Serson Creek43.6 -79.5  1 km  
Soper Creek44.0 -78.7  1 km  
Tecumseh Creek43.5 -79.6  1 km  
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