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Fishing on Lake Huron

Lac Huron
Canada, ON
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Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. Hydrologically, it comprises the easterly portion of Lake Michigan–Huron, having the same surface elevation as its westerly counterpart, to which it is connected by the 5-mile-wide (8.0 km), 20-fathom-deep (120 ft; 37 m) Straits of Mackinac.
Elevation: 176 [m]
Source :St. Marys River
District:St. Joseph
Mouth :St. Clair River
District:Point Edward
Lake Huron
(C) ftbm
Fish Species  
Herring, Lake  Walleye
Burbot  Perch, Yellow
Trout, Rainbow  Salmon, Pink
Chubsucker, Lake  Bloater
Cisco, Shortjaw  Cisco, Deepwater
Bass, Smallmouth  Alewife
Sucker, Longnose  Salmon, Chinook
Bass, White  Perch, White
Whitefish, Round  Trout, Lake
Cisco, Longjaw  Catfish, Channel
Sucker, White  Drum, Freshwater
Trout, Brown  Madtom, Northern
Cisco, Shortnose  Smelt, Rainbow
Bass, Spotted  Kiyi
Cisco, Blackfin  Carp, Common
Pike, Northern  Whitefish, Lake
Lamprey, Chestnut  Lamprey, American Brook
Lamprey, Sea  Sturgeon, Lake
Paddlefish  Gar, Longnose
Eel, American  Shad, Gizzard
Carp, Grass  Shiner, Spotfin
Shiner, Striped  Shiner, Redfin
Chub, Silver  Chub, Hornyhead
Chub, River  Shiner, Pugnose
Shiner, Ghost  Shiner, Sand
Dace, Western Blacknose  Quillback
Sucker, Northern Hognose  Buffalo, Bigmouth
Redhorse, Golden  Salmon, Coho
Salmon, Atlantic  
Splake  Pickerel, Grass
Silverside, Brook  Killifish, Banded
Stickleback, Threespine  Stickleback, Ninespine
Sculpin, Spoonhead  Sculpin, Deepwater
Darter, Greenside  Darter, Rainbow
Darter, Least  Darter, Blackside
Sauger  Goby, Round
Muskellunge  Dace, Longnose
Stonecat  Dace, Finescale
Bullhead, Yellow  Bowfin
Lamprey, Silver  Minnow, Brassy
Shiner, Blacknose  Shiner, Common
Dace, Northern Redbelly  Dace, Pearl
Chub, Lake  Sunfish, Longear
Bullhead, Brown  Trout, Brook
Shiner, Spottail  Stickleback, Brook
Logperch  Darter, Johnny
Pumpkinseed Sunfish  Bass, Rock
Redhorse, Silver  Lamprey, Northern Brook
Sculpin, Slimy  Mudminnow, Central
Bass, Largemouth  Redhorse, Greater
Shiner, Blackchin  Bullhead, Black
Darter, Channel  Shiner, Rosyface
Darter, River  Darter, Iowa
Madtom, Tadpole  Shiner, Weed
Redfin Pickerel  Stoneroller, Central
Perch, Pirate  Redhorse, Black
Mooneye  Sunfish, Northern
Redhorse, River  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Aberarder Creek43.1 -82.1  Inflow  
Andrews Creek44.2 -81.5  Inflow  
Bayfield River43.5 -81.5  Inflow  
Beaver River44.5 -80.4  Inflow  
Black Creek45.0 -81.4  Inflow  
Bonnie Doon Creek43.0 -82.1  Inflow  
Boundary Creek43.8 -81.7  Inflow  
Brown's Creek46.2 -83.9  Inflow  
Clark Creek44.1 -81.7  Inflow  
Cox Creek43.6 -81.7  Inflow  
Deer Lake46.2 -83.8  Inflow  
Dewar's Creek45.7 -82.2  Inflow  
Errol Creek43.0 -82.2  Inflow  
Giroux River45.7 -80.6  Inflow  
Griffins Creek43.9 -81.7  Inflow  
Highland Creek43.1 -82.1  Inflow  
Indian Creek44.7 -81.0  Inflow  
Johnson Creek44.7 -80.7  Inflow  
Kagawong River45.9 -82.3  Inflow  
Key River45.9 -80.7  Inflow  
Lauzon River46.2 -82.8  Inflow  
Little Sauble River44.3 -81.5  Inflow  
Manitou River45.7 -82.1  Inflow  
Mindemoya River45.7 -82.2  Inflow  
Moon River45.1 -79.9  Inflow  
Nine Mile River43.9 -81.6  Inflow  
Old Woman's River45.0 -81.3  Inflow  
Perch Creek43.0 -82.3  Inflow  
Pine River44.1 -81.7  Inflow  
Pretty River44.5 -80.2  Inflow  
Rivière La Cloche46.1 -82.1  Inflow  
Saugeen River44.4 -80.9  Inflow  
Shashawandah Creek43.2 -82.0  Inflow  
Shrigley Creek45.7 -82.5  Inflow  
Skerryvore Lake45.5 -80.4  Inflow  
South Maitland River43.7 -81.6  Inflow  
ST MARYS RIVER38.2 -76.5  Inflow  
St. Marys River46.1 -83.9  Source  
Stokes River45.0 -81.4  Inflow  
Sydenham River44.5 -80.9  Inflow  
Underwood Creek44.3 -81.5  Inflow  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Allans Creek43.8 -81.7  Inflow  
Ausable River43.4 -81.6  Inflow  
Bearshead Lake44.9 -79.8  Inflow  
Bighead River44.5 -80.8  Inflow  
Blind River46.2 -83.0  Inflow  
Bothwell's Creek44.6 -80.9  Inflow  
Brinkman's Creek45.1 -81.5  Inflow  
Centreville Creek44.6 -80.6  Inflow  
Cow Creek43.0 -82.2  Inflow  
Crane River45.1 -81.5  Inflow  
Desbarats River46.4 -83.9  Inflow  
Eighteen Mile River44.0 -81.6  Inflow  
Frood Lake46.1 -81.7  Inflow  
Go Home River45.0 -79.9  Inflow  
Gully Creek43.6 -81.7  Inflow  
Indian Brook44.5 -80.4  Inflow  
Jenkins Creek45.6 -82.2  Inflow  
Jordon Creek46.3 -83.8  Inflow  
Kerrys Creek44.0 -81.7  Inflow  
Koshkawong River46.2 -83.8  Inflow  
Little Ausable River43.3 -81.7  Inflow  
Maitland River43.8 -81.2  Inflow  
Mindemoya Lake45.8 -82.2  Linked  
Mississagi River46.7 -82.8  Inflow  
Naftel's Creek43.7 -81.7  Inflow  
North Channel46.0 -82.9  Inflow  
Penetangore River44.1 -81.6  Inflow  
Pickerel River45.9 -80.2  Inflow  
Pottawatomi River44.5 -81.0  Inflow  
Pulse Creek43.0 -82.3  Inflow  
Sauble River44.5 -81.2  Inflow  
Serpent River46.4 -82.7  Inflow  
Shebeshekong River45.4 -80.3  Inflow  
Sideroad Creek45.2 -81.6  Inflow  
Skerryvore Lake45.5 -80.4  Linked  
Spider Lake45.2 -80.0  Linked  
St. Clair River42.8 -82.5  Mouth  
Stobie Creek46.4 -83.9  Inflow  
Sturgeon River44.7 -79.7  Inflow  
Sydenham River42.6 -82.4  Inflow  
Willow Creek45.2 -81.5  Inflow  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Courtney Creek45.9 -80.2  1 km  
Lake Superior47.8 -89.3  1 km  
North Sydenham River42.6 -82.4  1 km  
Pine River44.1 -81.7  1 km  
Telfer Creek44.6 -80.9  1 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
Gibboney Lake46.4 -83.9  1 km  
Kawigamog Lake45.9 -80.3  1 km  
La Cloche Lake46.1 -82.0  1 km  
North Spey River44.5 -80.9  1 km  
Shebeshekong Lake45.5 -80.2  1 km  
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