British angler catches massive 30 kg goldfish, netizens are stunned 
By Vrinda Jain FR Source: hindustantimes 11/22/2022
Vrinda Jain
Credit: Facebook/@Bluewater Lakes
Goldfishes are generally known to be small fishes. In fact, many people keep these fish as pets in fish bowls. While you may find them swimming around in that bowl on a table, have you ever encountered a giant goldfish weighing 30 kg? In a recent turn of events, a British angler caught a massive goldfish in France.

According to the Daily Mail UK a man caught the world's biggest goldfish at a fishery in France. The enormous orange specimen, nicknamed The Carrot, was 67 lbs. 4 oz. (30 kgs) in weight. The fish is a cross between the typically orange leather carp and the koi carp.

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