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Fishing on Sacramento River

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Second only to the Columbia River on the west coast of the United States in Chinook salmon runs, the Sacramento and its tributaries once supported a huge population of this fish.
Source :Confluence of Middle and South Forks
Location:Confluence of Middle and South Forks
Mouth :
Location:Suisun Bay, Contra Costa-Solano county line
Fish Species  
Bass, Striped  Sturgeon, White
Pikeminnow, Sacramento  Trout, Rainbow
Sculpin, Prickly  Lamprey, River
Salmon, Pink  Chub, Thicktail
Sculpin, Rough  Sucker, Modoc
Salmon, Coho  Splittail
Sucker, Mountain  Sculpin, Riffle
Stickleback, Threespine  Sucker, Sacramento
Lamprey, Western Brook  Hardhead
Chub, Tui  
Salmon, Chinook  Smelt, Delta
Smelt, Longfin  Dace, Speckled
Sculpin, Marbled  Perch, Sacramento
Sculpin, Pit  Trout, Bull
Hitch  Lamprey, Pacific
Salmon, Kokanee  Clear Lake Splittail
California Roach  Sacramento Blackfish
Chum Salmon  Perch, Tule
Lamprey, Pit-klamath Brook  King-of-the-salmon
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
American River38.6 -121.5  Source  
Feather River39.6 -121.5  Source  
TributaryLat/Lon | Connected  
Butte Creek39.7 -121.7  Source  
Close ByLat/Lon |    
Cache Creek38.7 -121.7  20 km  
MORRISON Creek38.5 -121.5  10 km  
Tule Canal38.7 -121.6  20 km  
Lakes and RiversLat/Lon |    
ARCADE Creek38.6 -121.4  20 km  
LAGUNA Creek38.4 -121.4  20 km  
Lake Oroville39.6 -121.4  20 km  
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